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Using the Platform Perturbator

"The Earthquaker" in room A2-105

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Knud Larsen
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The Platform Perturbator is a very powerfull actuator! - Therefore a number of restrictions are imposed on its use:

  • Before you start using the perturbator, you must have been fully instructed in its use by Knud Larsen, who subsequently will grant you permission to operate it.
  • Log-in information may not be shared.
  • If you don't feel comfortable using the perturbator or it acts differently from what you expect, then don't use it! - Stop immediately - contact Knud Larsen!
  • Always test the full setup in all operation modes (eg. classes in Mr Kick) before perturbations are applied to a subject.
  • If the platform will be used above floor level the rubber membrane cover must be in place.
  • Don't ever turn off the Motor Controller PC while it's controlling the perturbator.
  • Keep everybody else than the subject away from the perturbator.
    Best practise: Only the subject and the researcher(s), who conduct the experiment, is in the room.
  • Don't do experiments on yourself alone.
  • Never leave subjects alone in the room while the perturbator (ie. the hydraulic pressure) is on.
  • Supervisors must ensure that their students have been instructed before use of the machine (according to first point), and that the setup incl. the full experimental protocol has been testet properly before it is applied to a subject.
  • Supervisors must be present during setup and test as well as startup of the equipment and experiment.
  • If more than one participate in the conduction of an experiment, be sure to have a clear agreement on who is in charge of operating the perturbator.

Only if you accept and comply with the above restrictions, then you can use the perturbator.

Users guide

Follow the links below to obtain further information on how to use the perturbator:

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