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Using the MTS Hydraulic Stretcher

in room D3-113


Knud Larsen
Last update: 02-Nov-2011 12:29


The MTS hydraulic stretcher is an extremeliy powerfull machine! - Therefore a number of restrictions are imposed on its use:

  • Before you start using the machine, you must have been fully instructed in its use by Knud Larsen, who subsequently will grant you permission to operate it.
    In case of his absence for a longer period, Michael Voigt may take over the instructions.
  • If you don't feel comfortable using the machine or it acts differently from what you expect, then don't use it - stop immediately!
  • Always test the setup in all operation modes to be used before a subject is attached to the machine.
  • Leave all safety measures in place and operational.
  • Limit range of motion to a minimum, adjusting the software controlled end-stops via the MTS software.
  • Ensure that the stretcher reaches both electrical and mechanical end-stops within safe range of motion of the limb attached to it.
  • Never do experiments on yourself alone.
  • Never leave subjects alone attached to the machine.
  • Never leave subjects alone in near vicinity of the machine while the hydraulic pressure is on.
  • Supervisors must ensure that their students have been instructed before use of the machine (according to first point), and that the setup incl. the full experimental protocol has been testet properly before it is applied to a subject.
  • Supervisors must be present during setup and test as well as startup of the equipment and experiment.
  • If more than one participate in the conduction of an experiment, be sure to have a clear agreement on who is in charge of operating the machine.
  • Offset settings may only be set via the MTS software - never remotely controlled (eg. always zero in Mr. Kick).

Only if you accept and comply with / follow the above restrictions / rules, then you can use the machine.

Users guide

Follow the links below to obtain further information on how to use the machine:


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