PINACQ - Users Manual



General Introduction to PINACQ

PINACQ is short for Pain Induction and Acquisition.

The software is intended to:

These features are available in tabs. PINACQ will start up in the General tab as shown below:

PINACQ General Tab
PINACQ starts up in the General tab. Access other tabs by clicking on El.Stim or VAS profile tabs.

On the left you will find some general information, including the most important issues from this manual in short form.

On the right you will find software settings. For most experiments it should not be necessary to change settings - and this should only be done by advanced users. In order to gain access to changing settings Change must be enabled (oval button just below "Settings").

Decimal Format determines which decimal point is used for saved data: Auto, Period or Comma. Auto will reflect the region and language settings of the computer in use.

Settings — Electrical Stimulation

A single stimulation consists of one burst of five pulses delivered at 200Hz.

A train stimulation consists of more bursts:

It is important to set the TransConductance as described here!

For more information on how to apply electrical stimulations, please visit Electrical Stimulation: Determining Pain Threshold.

Settings — VAS Profile Acquisition

You can define three VAS modes:

For more information on how to acquire a VAS profile, please visit VAS Profile Acquisition.

Settings — Hardware

This is only relevant if the AD/DA-board or connector box is changed (see Hardware) — please do not touch unless you are very certain...


Version 1.1:

Version 1.2:

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